Where will hot tub pump parts be in the future?

Today’s hot tub pumps have come a long way from the old 48 frame, heat creating, energy hog design. Pumps today are now running more efficient with the new 56 frame design. They run much cooler and draw less power while not losing torque or RPM’s. They are lasting much longer as they do not generate as much heat, which is ultimately a byproduct that limits induction motor life expectancy. Today’s hot tub pumps still use induction motors, however, they have improved a lot since its first original design over 100 years ago. The waste heat generated by these motors are capable of degrading the insulation which is so essential to the motors operation.

The Future of Hot Tub Pump Parts

Over the last decade, a newer style motor has been designed and is slowly making the switch into the pool pump world. Over the past 6 years, Aqua-Tech has been installing a variable speed pool pump that has a permanent magnet motor design. This new style of motor is very efficient! The rotor has permanent magnets, and there is little to no heating of this rotating member under operation. It has the capability of running at an even lower energy consumption and is dramatically quieter while in operation compared to the induction style motor design. Also, it lasts much longer and doesn’t require as much maintenance during the motors life – BONUS!

We hope to see spa makers adapt this new technology into hot tub pump parts soon!


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