Where to Find The Best Pool Supplies in Canada

Come visit us at Aqua-Tech to discover top of the line, exclusive products!  We provide our customers with a free water testing service that gives us a detailed prescription of your pools needs to help you keep it balanced and well maintained.  After that, we decipher with our customer which of the chemical programs best suits them and their pool.  We stand by our product to provide the best quality and value for our customers.  Continue reading for information on all of our products!

Our water lab technicians are here to answer any questions you may have about the water chemistry in your pool.  Their knowledge in these amazing products we carry will help you save money and guarantee you are purchasing the right product the first time and at the highest quality. We are here to serve you, and to work with you as a team to keep your pool looking sparkling blue all summer long.

Aqua-Tech carries the best pool supplies in Canada and are from the largest chemical manufacturers in the world.  You don’t have to go far to get the most technologically advanced chemicals and testing procedures! Our water lab technicians and our top notch products team up to eliminate any and all problems!

Aqua-Tech carries different brands of top quality pool supplies:


BioGuard Smart Pak – The 15 Minute Work Week Program is a 3 Step System.  It is made up of Chlorine Smart Sticks for your skimmer (sanitizer), Smart Shock to rid of swimmer waste and maintains clear water (oxidizer), and Banish to prevent algae growth (algaecide).


Dazzle’s Pure and Simple Maintenance Program  is made up of Activator which is added to the pool in the beginning of the season, Purify sanitizing chlorine sticks for your skimmer, and pouches of Cleanse for your oxidizer to rid of swimmer waste and maintain clear water.


3 -Step Salt Water Maintenance Program is a monthly maintenance program that entails Pristiva Primer, Pristiva Shock, and Pristiva Premium Salt.  The salt is to help proper maintain your salinity levels.

Aqua-Tech cares about you. We build relationships and a rapport with manufacturers that revolve around their support and respect to get the very best service, quality and value for our customers.

Come on down and discover these worry free products for yourself, and while you are at it meet the team at Aqua-Tech.


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