When Can I Install My Hot Tub in Winnipeg?

There are a few considerations that affect when you can install your hot tub in Winnipeg.

Here is a short list:


  • Will you be installing the spa on an existing wooden deck or concrete surface?

If it’s on a wooden deck that can support the weight of a hot tub than you could install the tub in early March.

That’s providing your willing to move the snow banks that may make access more difficult.

If it’s on existing pavers you would want the frost to be out of the ground and the blocks must be level.

You can see from this image below that this pad has to be releveled and the frost out of the ground before we can do the delivery.

image a


  • We prefer the weather to be close to 0C when we install a hot tub

The side panels of the spa are composite plastic and can be damaged if under pressure while moving the spa especially if it’s very cold.

Also the #6 wiring is very stiff to hookup when it’s too cold.

Lastly we want the hot tub filled and started immediately to avoid any freezing.

If we can do the work when it’s not bitterly cold we have more time to ensure all tasks are completed without any complications.

image b


  • If access is an issue and we want to get the tub safely into place we have often used a crane to get the spa into the backyard.

The cold weather is not as big a concern since the crane strapping cradles the hot tub with little pressure on the acrylic or cabinets.

image c


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