What’s unique about Aqua-Tech’s pool leak detection equipment

What’s unique about Aqua-Tech’s pool leak detection equipment

When it comes to pool leak detection what is unique about Aqua-Tech’s pool leak detection equipment is simply the refinement of the tools used and the specific application.  Years of experience and applying our trade has made us fast, efficient and accurate.  This translates to less money and time lost on the use of your swimming pool when you choose to ask for our help in detecting leaks on your swimming pool.

Unique tools

While injecting a precise level of liquid and gas into your swimming pool plumbing lines we listen along the perimeter of your swimming pool and are able to create a unique audible that can be heard on our headset.  We can pinpoint this leak within six to twelve inches eliminating the need for costly and needless digging up of extensive yard area.  Years of experience and training has given us the meter and patience to become adept at finding these leaks quickly and efficiently.  Once the leak is located we can share this audible with you so you know exactly where the loss of water has occurred in your swimming pool.  We can determine the best course of action of repair with you onsite whether it be dig and repair or remove and replace.

Speed of service

Swimming pool leaks are costly.  Loss of heat, chemicals and water add up to cash flowing down the drain the longer the leak is not addressed.  Not to mention the damage that can occur to the liner, pool floor and decking around the pool.  Where our competitors using traditional methods could take days to locate your swimming pool leaks we will determine the leak, location and cause within minutes.  Contact us today to locate your swimming pool leak.



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