What’s the average hot tub cost?

There are many factors to consider when asking what the average Hot Tub will cost. First off, there is the cost of the Hot Tub itself which can vary due to different brands, various series within a brand, and different options available. Secondly, there is the cost of the electrical as well as weekly chemicals. Read more for more information on the average Hot Tub cost.

Here at Aqua-Tech we carry the Sundance Spas line, which is considered the Top manufacturer of Spas because of the quality parts and components built in to every unit made. Sundance offers 3 different series: 680, 780 and their BEST, the luxury 880 series.

Sundance 680 Series

The 680 series offers Sundance quality at affordable price point of $5800 to $7700 and is as good or better, than the competitor’s Top series. The 680 series offers Sundance quality at low price points. You have 6 different foot prints in the 680 series so there is a spa size for every application.

Sundance 780 Series

Next we have the 780 series that provides upgrades such as: low voltage circulation pump, upgraded LED lighting, additional insulation around the perimeter and bottom of the spa just to mention a few. The extra insulation alone will save the client an additional 25% in their electrical cost, making the 780 series more sought after in Manitoba due to our extremely cold winter months. The price range in the 780 series is $8400 to $10,600 for the Spa which offers 25% operational savings with Ecco-Wrap Insulation and reduced chemical usage due to Clear Rae purification. Paying a bit more upfront for the Sundance 780 series is worth the investment as you will reduce your running costs the entire life of your Spa due to the additional insulation.

Sundance 880 Series

Then we have the Top 880 series that offers all the options from the 780 series plus more. The 880 series offers upgraded control panel, patented filtration, patented Fluidex jets (with no moving parts), air blower and the best warranty you can get on a Hot Tub. This series ranges from $11,500 and up to $19,000 depending on the size and depth. This series also offers the Consumer Choice Award recipient Cameo and the industry leading Optima which are considered the royalty of hot tubs.. The entire 880 series offers a variety of spa sizes and footprints so every application and customer need can be met and surpassed with a top quality Sundance Spa.

When it comes to operating expenses such as electrical, a Sundance 780 or 880 series will average $1 per day or less while chemicals can range from $50 to $70 per month, depending on the chemical brand. Getting the dual insulation and having the UV Bulb sanitizer reduces the overall operating costs and will save the owner during the life of the Spa. Purchasing a Sundance Spa at Aqua-Tech will not only bring a quality spa but will also cost less to run than other brands.  To complete your entire backyard project, Aqua-Tech can also add a new deck to surround your new spa along with some beautiful landscaping. Simply call Aqua-Tech and have one of our sales team provide you a vision and pricing on a complete project.


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