What’s new in Patio Furniture and Outdoor Living for 2017!

What’s new in Patio Furniture and Outdoor Living for 2017!
Every year exciting new products hit our showroom floor to enhance your backyard living environment. You have to come in and see the latest designs of patio and patio accessories. We have listed below the top 10:

1)Echo contemporary outdoor dining! Winston Furniture Company commissioned a group of young design grads to imagine outside the box. When we first put the floor model out it was sold within 3 hours!

pic a may 16

2) Vintage fire pit tables. This table has transitional look….the faux wood is actually a ceramic tile with real wood around the vertical side.  A ceramic tile with real wood around the vertical side

pic b may 16 2017

3) Seaside Casual with cushions.

The Seaside product is made of composite material so it virtually lasts forever and is bullet proof. Try to lift this chair when you come in…the wind is not going to blow this product anywhere. Notice also how the cushion is secured by the design so it doesn’t creep forward when you’re sitting.

pic c may 16 17

4) Seaside Adirondack chairs.

There is no need to cover this material for the winter…it’s the same material as your composite decking that you don’t cover either. If you want a quality Adirondack chair check this one out!

pic d may 16 2017

5) Seaside MAD Fusion chat chairs…check out the comfort when you sit in these chairs.

Two different colours on the same chair is a fun idea!

pic e may 16 2017 e1494967294537

6) Seaside MADirondack

A classier adirondack chair…no exposed hardware and a unique look.

pic f may 16 2017

7) Concrete Firepit tables…contemporary look and classy.

pic g may 16 2017

8) Made from the same material as the yacht industry seats the marina plus comes in grey, cream or white.

No more cushions to bring in and simply wipe the dew off before you sit down…the best!


9) Outdoor kitchens readymade at half the price of custom built outdoor kitchens.


10) A retractable canopy and a hidden stoge area for the cover to protect your outdoor furniture.

Clever ideas abound…… come to our showroom to see many other trend setting ideas!



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