What’s Different About Salt Water Pool Chemicals?

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of pool owners interested in making the switch from traditional pools to a salt water option. Many pool owners may not realize that there is a difference between salt water pools and their conventional counterparts. Most notably, salt water pools are known for being easier on your body. That said, salt water pools are not chemical free and require their own unique maintenance routine. In this post, you’ll discover what makes salt water pools stand out, as well as the difference between salt water pool chemicals and the ones that are used in standard pools.

Understanding Salt Water Pool Chemicals

A common misconception when it comes to salt water pools is that they are chemical free. While they are easier on your skin, eyes, and nose, they still require specific chemicals in order to provide you with the best swimming experience possible.

Salt water pools require an electrolysis cell that generates chlorine from the salt that has dissolved in your pool water. Because this chemical reaction happens inside the pool, it means you won’t have to add additional chlorine to the mix. Chlorine is crucial for salt water pools because, unlike with traditional pools, it minimizes the presence of unwanted microorganisms. Of course, you’ll also need to perform regular maintenance to ensure your chlorine levels are at acceptable levels and that any bacteria and algae growth is under control.

Which Salt Water Pool Chemicals Should You Use?

There are a number of chemicals and products available to you that are designed specifically for your salt water pool. Obviously, the most notable is definitely your pool salt. Aqua-Tech recommends Pristiva Pure Pool Salt for your salt water pool. Additionally you will need a special balancing agent, such as Pristiva Primer, as well as Pristiva Salt Pool Shock. We recommend these products because they are specifically designed to enhance your water’s clarity and softness, as well as prevent it from clouding.

Get Ready to Enjoy Your Salt Water Pool!

Salt water pools provide a wonderful swimming experience that you’re definitely going to enjoy. That said, salt water pool chemicals are still required in order to ensure they remain up to your standards. Choosing the right chemicals and properly maintaining your salt water pool are the keys to a lifetime of refreshing dips and relaxing pool side. For more information on salt water pools, check out our free brochure, 6 Common Salt Water Myths: Discover The Simple Truths Behind Keeping Your Salt Water Safe, Sparkling and Clear, or contact us today to learn more.



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