What Will Pool Chemicals Be Like In The Future?

Our world and society are changing faster and faster everyday. With that, technology is changing and evolving more and more which brings us to the question, what will pool chemicals be like in the future?

It’s hard to say exactly what chemicals will be like in the future, though we can recall how much chemicals have changed in the past decade. Take chlorine for example.

Liquid Chlorine:

When the actual liquid chlorine gets put into the bottle to be shipped off to the suppliers and stores to be sold, there is only about 10% chlorine in there. Liquid chlorine dilutes over time so by the time it is bottled, sent to the suppliers, sent to the stores to be sold, bought by a customer, and then put into pool water, how much chlorine is actually still in that bottle? Slim to none.

Powder Chlorine:

With powder chlorine, you’re going to get more of an instant result. Right away when you put it in your pool and test it, your test strips will be bright purple telling you there is lots of chlorine in there. Though there are a few problems with powder chlorine, when you put it in, depending on the amount you’re swimming in your pool, your chlorine is gone by a day or two, maybe even less. That is why we like to recommend people to chlorine pucks/sticks.

Chlorine Pucks:

Chlorine pucks are better than powder chlorine because they take longer to dissolve which means you use less and spend less. Although they are better than powder chlorine, they aren’t quite as good as chlorine sticks.  This is because they take their time to dissolve, which means you won’t get that instant result.

Chlorine Sticks:

Chlorine sticks are an all around great product, and our number one recommendation for a santizer. They are basically like chlorine pucks, though they have one extra great feature that chlorine pucks don’t have. There is a blue coating on the outside of the sticks which does a few extra things. It is going to give your pool water an extra softener, an extra bit of algaecide, and it’ll also help protect your pool from corrosion build up. These little blue sticks are all-in-one, quick result, truly AMAZING product!

To look at how far we’ve come and what has been made with chlorine in the last few years, the amount that will be done in the next decades will continue to help you spend less, save more, and enjoy your pool to the absolute fullest!


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