What To Look For In Outdoor Wicker Furniture

There are many questions to ask about outdoor wicker furniture when looking to make a purchase for your backyard. There are so many manufacturers and brands that it becomes difficult to decide which brand will suit your specific budget and need.

There are a few types of wicker furniture and not all types will work in all environments. For example, actual wicker does not do well in outdoor elements and will not last long sitting outdoors. Sun, heat wind etc will all cause real wicker to dry out and lose it strength so it won’t last. Real wicker needs to be indoors and out of the elements to last and retain its look and strength.

Synthetic outdoor wicker furniture that is made to take the outdoor elements and stand up for years of family enjoyment:

The outdoor wicker furniture lines carried by Aqua-Tech are synthetic which makes it impervious to Mother Nature and everyday use outdoors, and will retain its coloring, strength and good looks for years. Synthetic outdoor wicker furniture carried by Aqua-Tech will not fade in the sun, become brittle and crack, or blemish when splashed with hard to clean liquid such as wine. Quality synthetic outdoor wicker furniture will resist fading and cracking and when combined with quality outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella, can last a very long time. Modern woven outdoor wicker furniture is woven from new weather resistant synthetics that can accept various temperatures, sun and windy conditions and remain strong and durable.

Aqua-Tech also carries the Domus Ventures Furniture line that combines outdoor wicker and Marina Plus synthetic leather together to offer a strong and easy to clean surface that is made to take the harsh outdoor elements. Marina Plus material is the same materials used on ships and yachts, is water resistant, easy to wipe clean and will stand up for years.
It is also important to buy outdoor wicker furniture that comes with aluminum frames versus steel frames. Steel frames, even when powder coated will rust because powder coating can scratch and expose the steel underneath. Aluminum is light weight, very durable and strong and will not rust and weaken like steel.
Aqua-Tech carries brands that offer the durability of outdoor wicker resin along with strong and comfortable fabrics like Marina Plus, so you enjoy the comfort, beauty and durability. Aqua-Tech carries top brands in Winston Furniture and Domus Ventures which both feature aluminum framed outdoor wicker furniture that is built to last years.


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