What To Expect When It Comes To Hot Tub Prices

When shopping around for a Hot Tub, there are numerous questions to consider prior to purchasing.  Our sales experts have gathered all of the important information you will need to help you better understand Hot Tub prices.


Differences in Pricing

Some retailers only provide the price of a Hot Tub itself.  What many customers don’t understand are the added delivery & chemical charges, thus raising the price from the initial listed price.  Another cost to consider that many Hot Tub retailers do not include would be electrical hook up or a set up & fill which, again, raises the final cost from the original quoted price.  Fortunately, here at Aqua-Tech we have something called the ‘White Glove Delivery’.  This includes basic installation, electrical, installation of cover lifter and chemicals. During the selling process in store, the sales person will review exactly where the spa will be placed and calculate any additional costs such as: placement down into a deck, inside a room, longer electrical wire run etc..  All you have to do is simply wait until the spa reaches the desired temperature and hop in!  This hassle-free way was designed with the customer in mind.


Permits are required when you get a hot tub installed inside the City of Winnipeg.  There is an electrical permit required that Aqua-Tech includes with the “White Glove Delivery” so there is no need to go out of your way!  The second permit required is a Hot Tub permit.  Aqua-Tech is able to apply for this permit on your behalf, but this requires a fee.  In most cases, customers tend to apply for this permit themselves to save on costs.

Options and Site Plans

Aqua-Tech carries the Sundance Spas line which has 3 different series. This ensures that there is a suitable Spa for everyone’s needs as well as an appropriate site plan to go with it.

Optional Additions:

  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Extra Eco-Wrap Insulation (Saves 25% on electricity bill)
  • Fluidix Jets (Saves on maintenance costs due to non moving parts patented by Sundance)
  • Upgraded Patented Filtration (Larger filter surface to filter more water quicker)
  • Different Jet Pumps (You can start at one and go as high as 5)

Having a separate circulation pump is a great idea because you don’t use the main pump to circulate, thus there is less wear and tear on your main pump.  The higher end Spas will come with a Circulation pump and even include an Air Blower pump to offer soft water bubbles to relieve your daily stresses.  All of these items will add to the cost of a Spa so we always recommend creating a list of what is most important to you prior to visiting your local retailer.

Where the spa will sit and how there will be access for maintenance is very important going forward.  A Spa must rest on a proper pad which consists of 6” to 8” crushed gravel, compacted level and then a 4” poured pad. This is usually not included in the price of the Spa but Aqua-Tech can provide this service to you. When a Spa is placed down into a deck this also adds cost because additional manpower must be included to lower the spa down into the deck onto a pad. When shopping for a Spa at Aqua-Tech, we discuss every area so the client knows full well upfront the costs incorporated with the purchase of a Hot Tub.


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