What is the proper pool filter pressure


What is the proper pressure for my

( Cartridge ) Pool Filter?

Determining the correct operating pool filter pressure of a Cartridge Filter requires a recognition that the mean normal changes from time to time. This post will outline the main reasons for change as well as normal operating parameters and remedial measures as required.

Start up baseline

With a Filter such as a Pentair System 3, pool filter pressure is first looked at once the system is started. In general terms whatever PSI reading that guage reads will be considered normal baseline operating. ( ie: if the system starts at 13 psi, that will be normal baseline, if it starts at 18 psi that will be the normal baseline.

When to clean the filters

When the pool filter pressure rises 10 psi above baseline it is time to start thinking about removing the rough debris from the filter element. By rinsing the rough debris off of the elements this will allow more freeboard in the elements to reduce the pressure through the filters. After the rinse of rough debris off of the elements and returning of the elements to the tank note the start up operating pressure, this start up pressure will now be the NEW baseline operating pressure. You will now use 10 lbs PSI above this pressure to establish when the next time you open your tanks will be.

Why are some filter cycles longer or shorter than others

Pool filter pressure cycles deviate due to many circumstances. Water chemistry clearly is what affects them the most. If you have not had a lab analysis at least once per every 30 days it is likely that your pool filter pressure cycle lengths will be shorter than they could be. Aerial spraying for insects and landscaping also significantly reduces the length of time a filter operates at a set pressure. Problems in pool water ie: cloudy, algae or most significantly running the pool at low chlorine levels tremendously shortens filter cycle length.

Exceptions to the rules

Pool filter pressure can get to a point where the filter has no ability to rebound or the ability to give long periods where the filter element can capture waste. This normally is found when something has impregnated the element and needs to be cleansed out. At these times baseline operating pressures can’t be used. A deep cleansing of the filter is required. In the Aqua-Tech filter cleaning facility a filter is deep cleaned by these steps:

  1. 60 minute 60 lb pre rinse water blast
  2. 24 hour soak in Deep Action Cleanse with 104F water
  3. 60 minute 60 lb post clean water blast

These steps will get the filters to as clean and pure as they can be. Sometimes depending on what has got into them cleaning them at home will require a 3-6 day soak of the filter as it normally can only be done in cold water in the home.

Moving forward with maintenance

Most pool owners find that by having 2 sets of filters and changing them more frequently along with rinse only through the season will allow them to go through an entire season without having to deep cleanse. The longer you make a filter work ( struggle ) with embedded foreign objects and solutions the harder it is to get them out. Check with the service order desk for any upcoming sales of replacement cartridge sets or contact us today to learn more.



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