What influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

If you’re considering a bath renovation, cost is likely one of your questions. We have done bathroom renovations from $10,000 to $100,000 for a single room.
There are 7 main factors for the huge range.

Size of the room influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

Many bathrooms are 5’x 7’ but some are 10’ x 16’.
We have converted spare bedrooms into ensuites which make for more flooring material, cabinets and labour usually.
In the Aqua-tech showroom we have two example 5’ x 7’ bathrooms which give you an idea how you can better utilize the space.
Although the size of the room is one factor the other 6 listed below are equally important.

Labour influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

The labour cost varies from do-it yourself to friends helping to private contractors to professional all in one stores.
Your budget is a determining factor on which route you decide to go.
Risk tolerance is also a factor. Can you afford for the project not to go smoothly or have to be re-done?
Liability insurance and WCB premiums paid up are likely not your first thought when choosing a bath renovation store but they should be considered.
The labour component for a private contractor or professional store is often 50-75% of the cost of the project.
If you’d like some example costs you can visit our web site and download the e-book on different bath packages.

Age of the existing bathroom influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

Plaster walls are more labour intensive to renovate as compared to drywall.
They are time consuming to remove and/or line up with new material to create the best seam possible.
Cast iron plumbing in the older homes also adds labour and new material cost.
Typically older homes have also moved out of square which adds to the labour component.

Quality and style of faucets influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

You can purchase new bath tub faucets for $100 or have multiple body sprays and rain shower heads with costs exceeding $1,000.
With more expensive faucets comes added labour and plumbing for the installation.

Cabinets influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

Cabinets are often the single most expensive line item on your quote.
Today’s world has a myriad of choices and qualities.
Linen closets are a huge trend in bathroom renovations.
A professional bath store will have all your choices and examples under one roof.

Quality and style of Fixtures influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

The sink, toilet and shower/tub can range from $750 to $7500 just for materials.
If the shower is a large custom made shower with heavy glass the costs can go higher.

Options influences the cost of a bathroom renovation

We have already mentioned body sprays and shower heads but other options include in floor heat, whisper quiet fans, steam rooms, and
heated towel bars. There are too many to list but a showroom visit will help you get through the process with the help of our professional designers.

I would recommend you start with a showroom visit before you decide on a budget to see what can be done in your space.  After that visit try to narrow the range you’d like to invest. Remember you will likely get a majority of your cost back once you sell your home.  Bathrooms are a well used room and a good place to invest your renovation dollars.


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