What if my pool is Green

Green Pools

It could happen to anyone.  Whether you peeled back your winter cover this spring and the pool water was green or your weekly mtce schedule got away from you or you went on vacation and came back to a green pool it could happen to anyone.  Sometimes winter covers can develop holes in them and let in that organic material that falls on them into the pool water.  Bad winter covers are definitely a concern with our brutally cold harsh winters.  We can discuss how to solve those another time.  Maybe you just inherited the green pool.  Does not matter green is my favorite color but not something I like to swim in and neither should you.

Solutions for Green Pools

This is where we come in and where we can help best.  Obviously the summer is short and now that the temperature is steadily staying above 25 degrees you want to make the most of the pool and have clear water to enjoy.  We can turn most green pools around in approx. a 7-12 day period.  Sometimes quicker depending on how deep the green color is and how much organic material might be in the  pool.  The benefit of us doing this for you is not only the speed of the service but also how it relieves you of the duty of trying to battle a green pool and take up valuable family time.   Battling a really bad case of a green pool could take you 4 weeks or more worse case scenario.

The how do we DO IT!de

Well it mostly comes down to maximizing filtering.  That and some proprietary additives to the water can turn your green lagoon into an oasis again in no time flat.  We have the ability to increase your filtering 4-5 times what it normally would be through the regular season.  Through increased filtering, proprietary additives and multiple daily visit care we will beat that green down for you.

The Heat is finally on!  Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and tune into our latest recipes for poolside beverages.


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