What are the Best Dressed Pools and Backyards Wearing this Spring!

Have you ever noticed how you feel wearing an outfit you love? Maybe it’s the colour,  fit or the complements you’ve received. Our living and entertaining spaces can conjure those same feelings!

2020 is all about reflecting your personal taste… not just the trend of the moment! We have an opportunity when remodeling our pools and backyards. The choices we make for; colour, texture and function will be paramount. I always promote a few key points when designing an outdoor space. Here are some areas of focus!


Pool Renovations:

Changing a liner can do so much for a pool’s appearance. Colours can be varied from crystal blue to the sea green you remember so vividly from that warm vacation! Changing
the white plastic fittings to a grey helps them recede into the background. Also, removal of old plastic coping will dramatically change the look!



When choosing the right products to hardscape we think of pigments, texture and livability. What inspires you? Many people use travel locations as inspiration! The pool deck from a great hotel or television show is a great influence to help move in the right direction. One of the top ideas is stamped concrete. It is available in a wide variety of patterns and tones. Also, pavers are not what they use to be! Today’s choices are available in a wide range of choices from old world tumbled edge to slick and modern.


A yard with beautiful plantings will provide new colours and textures throughout the seasons. The first step is to determine the plantings that suit your lifestyle. Landscaping can be low maintenance and take very little to flourish or you can have your own Butchart Gardens full of flora and fauna. Also, don’t forget the lighting!!



It is my passion to create a yard that you feel best reflects your individuality and lifestyle! Designing a better place to come home to is 2020’s big trend. I am David Ali at your service! I look forward to making your yard as distinctive and memorable as you are!



David Ali is a senior designer at Aqua-Tech and has been creating better places to come home to for over 20 years.
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