Aqua-Tech tests 8 more parameters than anyone else—why settle for anything less?

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Aqua-Tech’s water testing facility is completely unique in Winnipeg. Our equipment tests for 13 different parameters—conventional analyses only include five. That means your results from Aqua-Tech’s lab will be much more robust than you’d be able to get anywhere else in Winnipeg. This level of detail helps you get to the root of any problems while ensuring that our team has a full picture of your existing water chemistry prior to recommending a plan to correct the issues that are preventing you from fully enjoying your swimming pool or hot tub.

Water Analysis in Minutes

In less than an hour, Aqua-Tech’s skilled water care experts can guide you and help you understand exactly what your water test indicates. We’ll also offer a thorough consultation to help you avoid future water problems. Finally, we provide you with an easy to follow and straightforward set of instructions to get and keep your water crystal clear and swim-ready.

We have all heard stories about how one has to spend hours and hours maintaining a swimming pool. I was pleasantly surprised at how little time and effort was in fact required, a job made fairly easy by your expert advice based on analyses of our water.

Simply Better Results

We invest heavily in new technology so that we’re always helping our customers get the most accurate information. For you, that simply means better results. Aqua-Tech’s team can get very specific details about what’s really happening in your water and determine the most efficient process to address and prevent these issues from happening again. And when it comes to the fine balance of water chemistry, that can make a world of difference.

IMG_8240Let Aqua-Tech Take Care of It

No time to visit the lab yourself? Make an appointment to have Aqua-Tech’s team visit your home to take a water sample. We’ll bring it back to our lab for analysis, create a solution for any imbalances, and courier you the products and instructions you need quickly and easily.

When you visit our water testing facility, you’ll be able to discover our wide range of robust and exclusive products and learn how the right combination can help you prevent problems with algae, cloudy or discoloured water. You’ll also be able to speak to our experts who will guide you through problem prevention. Don’t let cloudy or green water keep you from enjoying your investment. Visit Aqua-Tech’s lab today!