Have a Wasp-Free Pool Area in 4 Easy Steps

Do you have pesky wasps and other bugs hanging out around your pool? We have a solution! Here’s 4 different ways you can get rid of bugs without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. Don’t forget to add these products and ingredients to your next pool supplies shopping list!

Tip #1: Lemon + Cloves

A great way to keep wasps away is to cut a lemon in half, stick whole cloves in the lemon half, place it on a dish, and leave it outside. This naturally deters the wasps away while smelling nice at the same time!

To Add to Pool Supplies List:

  • 1 Full Lemon
  • Cloves


Tip #2: Plants

Mint is GREAT for keeping wasps and flies away. You can plant it in a cute pot and stick it on a table or by the pool. Basil, lavender, and lemongrass work wonders for keeping biting insects away (like wasps and mosquitoes… because we all know how much mosquitoes love Winnipeg!).

To Add to Pool Supplies List:

  • Mint, Basil, Lavender, or Lemongrass plant
  • Planting Pot


Tip #3: Fragrances

Believe it or not, wasps aren’t the margarita type. Keep the wasps away for about 3-5 days by simply adding 1 container of our Margarita Spazazz fragrance SLOWLY to the pool through your skimmer. You can also dissolve it in a bottle and spray it around your pool deck! Guests will LOVE the smell and won’t have to worry about getting stung by those annoying wasps!

To Add to Pool Supplies List:

  • 17 oz Margarita Spazzaz Fragrance


Tip #4: Decoy Wasp Nests

Another way to get rid of wasps are decoy wasp nests. Wasps are VERY territorial and if they see another nest, they won’t make one close to it.

To Add to Pool Supplies List:

  • Decoy Wasp Nest
  • Or… if you’re feeling more DIY, try a paper bag and some string

decoy wasp nest

Follow these few tips and tricks to keep wasps and other bugs out of your pool area, and happy swimming!


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