Unique Requirements of Inground Pool Maintenance

In the heat of the summer there’s nothing like diving into your inground pool to cool off.  When not properly maintained, any swimming pool can become non functional, which means it becomes non usable. By continually following these six requirements of inground pool maintenance, you will be guaranteed a perfectly operating pool all summer long!

Inground Pool Maintenance Tip1: Pool Liner

Ensure your liner is locked securely in the coping around the perimeter of the pool. Also, be sure there are no distended areas or creases from ground water. This is extremely common, especially in Winnipeg with our ground movement and amount of ground water. To prevent this from happening, your water level needs to be at the proper height to even out the hydrostatic pressure.

Inground Pool Maintenance Tip 2: Skimmer

Check the skimmer for nicks and cracks. If your skimmer develops a crack, it is very likely that you will also experience some sort of water loss. A simple DIY fix to a crack in the skimmer would be to shield it with a water resistant Epoxy Putty or some Silicone (keep in mind that Silicone cannot be used underwater and should only be applied to cracks above the water level).

Inground Pool Maintenance Tip 3: Underground Pipes

Although these are not visible, monitor your water level for any signs of water loss. If you experience more than 1” of water loss in 24 hours with the pump OFF, it could be a sign that there is a leak in the underground pipes. If this happens, call Aqua-Tech to set up a pressure test!

Inground Pool Maintenance Tip 4: Pool Pump

Check your pump for any drips or leaks (not caused by condensation). Your water level needs to constantly be raised to at least ¾ up the skimmer during the summer months to avoid the pump from running dry and burning itself out. Remember that a pump only knows two things: ON or OFF. With that being said, it will not know to shut itself off when it overheats and will eventually die.

Inground Pool Maintenance Tip 5: Pool Filter

Have you chemically cleaned your filter lately? It is important to chemically clean your filters to get rid of the dirt and grime that a simple wash with the garden hose cannot get rid of. If your filters are dirty, it can lead to a whole other list of issues. So, MAKE SURE YOUR FILTERS ARE CLEAN!

Inground Pool Maintenance Tip 6: Pool Heater

Your heater needs to be checked for any leaks and cleaned at least once a year. Pay special attention to the pilot lights. If a “Service System” light comes on, it typically means there is an issue with the entire system (i.e. Dirty filters, low water level, etc.). If a “Service Heater” light comes on, it will normally require a service technician to come out and diagnose the issue.


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