Unique Options for bathroom cabinets

Designing a new bathroom includes being creative with cabinets.  Our showroom illustrates all the ideas we have listed below so please feel to browse when you’re out our way.  Many people think because their space is limited that their options are limited as well.
Hopefully the pictures below can help you with your design of a better bathroom.



Pull out drawers with room for toilet paper is a big hit with our remodels.  It doesn’t really take up more space than the old 30” cabinet you’re replacing.  If you had or have one of those old 30” or 36” bathroom vanities chances are you have no idea what’s at the very back.  This new idea makes for much better utilization of space.


For all the reasons listed above roll out drawers are popular as well.  No more crawling on your hands and knees to get at what’s in the back of the cabinet.

Notice this cabinet has a rounded front and it does not extend to the floor.  The rounded front adds more style and function.  If your door opens into the bathroom the rounded front can give you better clearance.  It’s amazing as well how much the open design under the cabinet makes the room look larger.


Towel/linen tower cabinets are such a common sense addition.  The towels become handy and really you only sacrifice some mirror space.  Towers can be designed with open pockets and different size doors as shown.
Corner cabinets is not something people think of till they see our displays and how they are so functional yet make the room look larger.
If you do a 12” return instead of a 15” your center drawer becomes larger.
You can do the mirror on a 45 degree if you prefer.


Wallettes are not new but they are still popular because they add more storage.  Placed above the toilet they are often on a wall that was unused anyway.

These are just some of the ideas we have incorporated into our designs.  Being creative has allowed us to satisfy our customers and become Winnipeg’s leader in bathroom renovations.
If you’d like your project professionally designed and installed please visit our showroom to begin the process!


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