Ultraviolet Maitenance

UV pools

If you are opening your pool yourself this year there are a few items that you will want to pay attention to when it comes to your UV sanitizer.

Unions and threaded fittings

Your Sanitzer will have two unions and two flat union gaskets.  You want to make sure these unions are in good shape and weathered the winter ok.  Look for visible cracks, missing screws or deformed unions.  Each union will have a flat gasket.  Make sure your gaskets are not dried out.  If they are replace them along with any damaged unions.

Underneath the bonnet of your UV tank you will have an acorn compression nut that holds the quartz tube in place.  Inspect the acorn nut for any cracks and check the o-ring.  Replace the nut if it is damaged or the o-ring if it is dried out.

Lamp and quartz tube

quartz tube

Before you close up your bonnet on top of the tank check the condition of the lamp and the quartz tube.  If the lamp has any brown or black marks either at the top or bottom of the lamp end consider replacing the lamp.  Check your log for how old the lamp is.  If your lamp has been in operation for 2 pool seasons it is time to change it.  Check with us at if you need help determining how old your lamp is.

Have a close look at your quartz tube.  If the quartz tube is frosted or dirty give it a good cleaning with a rag and a little bit of vinegar and water.  If you need something with a little more cleaning power check with our lab staff and we can steer you in the correct direction.  Check the quartz tube for any cracks in the tube.  If you have a large garbage can you could fill it with water and then submerge your quartz tube in the water making sure to keep any water from going in the open top part of the tube.  Hold the tube in the water for 30 seconds and then remove from the water.  Inspect the inside of the tube for any water leaking inside of it.  If you find water inside of the tube, replace it.

Be sure to handle your lamp and quartz tube with gloves when handling them.


Check the outside and the underside of the tank for any cracks or deformaties.  The winter was long and we had lots of snow.  Plastic and Pvc’s are strong these days but can still be damaged by harsh weather conditions that we get in our region.


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