Ultimate Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Process

Your hot tub filters job is to capture the particles and debris that could otherwise cause cloudy or dirty water.  Cleaning your hot tub filter is very important as it results in proper filtration and clean water.  Properly maintaining your hot tub filter will extend the life of your filter, as a dirty filter has to work much harder and wears out much faster, and will save you money on maintenance costs.  Continue reading to learn the step by step process for a hot tub filter cleaning!

Having two sets of filters will allow the newly cleaned cartridges to air dry completely before installation. This will give you a longer filter cycle.
Cleaning your filter with a garden hose should be done every 7-14 days. It is good to clean your hot tub filter chemically every 6-8 weeks. Chemically cleaning your filter will help prevent spa problems like cloudy water, foaming etc.  Here are steps into cleaning your filter chemically:

Cartridge Filter

  • Stop pump before removing filter (turn off breaker if required)
  • Ensure no free floating items in hot tubs. (sanitizer floater, thermometer, loose pillows, suction socks, etc.)
  • Remove the soiled filter replace with your spare filter
  • Restart Tub
  • Hose off debris on the filter using normal garden hose pressure fill container with hot water. DO NOT clean at the car wash. DO NOT use your pressure washer
  • Add filter Cleaning chemical (Biogaurd Filter Brite 1 -100 gram pouch – 20 liters of hot water or Dazzle filter Cleanse 500 ml – per 20 litres of Hot water)
  • Soak for 18 hours
  • Remove filter and rinse thoroughly with garden hose

Sand Filter

  • Backwash filter
  • Turn pump off
  • Return filter dial valve to normal position and remove strainer lid on pump
  • Dissolve one pouch of Filter Brite in a 20 Litre clean bucket of water
  • Add Filter Brite solution through strainer basket and turn pump on
  • When the strainer is empty, turn pump off and replace lid allowing Filter Brite to work undisturbed in the filter for a least 6 hours
  • Thoroughly backwash after to remove the debris

Some tips:

  • If jet pressure is decreasing, even slightly, remove the filter and hose off
  • If you have a spa problem (cloudy water, foaming , extreme ph imbalance) chemically clean your filter.
  • Remember to use Swirl Away or Drain and Prep every time you drain and refill the hot tub
  • Use an enzyme like SpaGuard, Refresh or Dazzle Botanical Cleanse weekly to digest the #1 cause of dirty filters (organic loading can be prevented)
  • Check with the water lab technicians at Aqua –Tech to find out if your weekly spa care routine is helping or hindering your filteration

Note: If you do not want to chemically clean your hot tub filters yourself, bring them in to Aqua-Tech as we provide as service to clean them for you!


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