Top swimming pool renovation questions

A swimming pool renovation is a major investment, these 4 items are the most common questions that get asked that do not sufficiently get answered prior to signing on the dotted line of a contract.

Will there be any extra costs with the swimming pool renovation?

Most folks when they start the journey are asking for something specific: I need to change my pool liner how much will it cost? This is often the question that gets asked and answered, along with a price. Most people make their decision based on that price and sign a contract. The real question to ask is: Will there be any extra costs in the swimming pool renovation other than the liner replacement? Upon getting the answer to this question you will now have a sense of what the real investment range will be.

When will the job be started and is the start date guaranteed?

Surprising in a recent survey 75% of people who purchased a swimming pool renovation did not ask or get a firm timeline of when the work would be started or completed by. Especially in a place like Winnipeg with a limited amount of summer having the work performed in a time frame that allows for maximum usage is usually a priority. It is prudent to have the start date written on the contract and to also call recent references ( recent should mean the last 6 months ) to ensure that the contractor that you are using has recently been meeting the target start and completion dates.

Are the people conducting the work employees or subcontractors?

Sadly with most swimming pool renovations in Winnipeg most of the work being done is not by an employee of the company that people sign the contract with. When this happens the Pool company has no control of the work schedule or quality. Subcontractors are paid a flat rate which means that the quicker that they are able to complete the work the more they earn, with no incentive to go ‘ the extra mile ‘ for a pool renovation customer excellence is rarely found and sadly this is where most customer service horror stories start.

If I have a problem how will it be handled?

Almost anyone in construction in a candid moment will tell you that in every project something goes wrong. A swimming pool renovation is no different. Most homeowners and customers understand and know this. How the issue is responded to is really what we as consumers really want to know. Specifically ask if the Pool professional has a dedicated manager to over see the swimming pool renovation. To meet the team connect now and see what the next available dates to commence a swimming pool renovation.


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