Top Swimming Pool Essentials for Summer in Canada

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As the temperatures rise and the sun begins to shine brighter, it’s time to prepare your swimming pool for a refreshing summer season in Canada! Whether you’re hosting pool parties, enjoying family time, or simply relaxing by the water, having the right essentials can make all the difference. From maintenance tools to fun accessories, here are the top 10 swimming pool essentials you need for a fantastic summer, all conveniently available at

Pool Skimmer:

Keep your pool water crystal clear by removing leaves, bugs, and debris with a quality pool skimmer. A leaf skimmer is a must-have accessory, designed to effortlessly skim the surface of your pool and maintain its cleanliness throughout the summer with ease! Purchase it here!

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Pool Vacuum:

Ensure thorough cleaning of your pool’s floor and walls with a reliable pool vacuum. Aqua-Tech offers a variety of vacuum head shapes, with powerful suction and easy maneuverability, making it easy to efficiently remove dirt and debris from all pool surfaces. Purchase it here!

Pool Sanitizer (Chlorine/Bromine):

Maintain proper sanitation levels in your pool water to keep it safe and healthy for swimming. BioGuard 5-Way Test Strips provide at home readings, allowing you to monitor your sanitizer levels weekly and adjust them as needed to prevent bacteria and algae growth in between each in-store analysis. Purchase them here!

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Pool Covers:

Protect your pool from leaves, dirt, and sunlight when not in use with a durable pool cover. A winter or safety cover is designed to withstand the harsh and cold Canadian climate and keep your pool water clean and debris-free year-round! Find more information, examples, or request a quote here!

Pool Accessories:

Pool accessories like the Aqua-Comb or Filter Flosser can shorten the time it takes to do tedious tasks like cleaning between all the pleats of your cartridge filter to ensure you are removing as much dirt and grime as possible. Purchase it here!

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Pool Thermometer:

Monitor the temperature of your pool water to ensure optimal comfort for swimmers. These bright and fun thermometers help you adjust your pool’s temperature as needed for a refreshing swim. Purchase them here!

Pool Maintenance Kit:

Streamline your pool maintenance routine with a comprehensive pool maintenance kit. No matter what pool care system you use, streamline you shopping trip by grabbing everything you need in a convenient kit. Shop pool maintenance chemical kits here!

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Make the most of the summer season in Canada by stocking up on these swimming pool essentials from
Aqua-Tech has everything you need to ensure a memorable and enjoyable pool experience for the whole family.

Dive in and get ready for a splashing good summer…
Happy swimming!

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