Tips On Keeping Your Spa Foam Free This Winter!

Winter can be tough because you can’t change the water in your hot tub. There are tons of different causes to your hot tub foaming, and it is hard to diagnose. The key is prevention! Here are 10 tips on preventing foam in your hot tub this winter.

Top 10 Tips On Foam Free Water This Winter

  • Chemically clean your filter every 1-2 months. Chemically cleaning your filter will eliminate oils, soaps, and other foam causing things.
  • Do a drain and refill right before winter, so you start with fresh, clean water.
  • Make sure you are consistently maintaining a good sanitizer level (chlorine or bromine). As soon as this level drops, there isn’t anything killing bacteria which in turn, can cause foaming.
  • Do an extra rinse cycle on bathing suits when washing them. There’s almost always some residue soap in bathing suits that transport to your hot tub – causing foam.
  • Maintain a good pH level (7.4 – 7.6). When your pH is out of whack, your sanitizer doesn’t work as efficiently, causing foam.
  • Rinse your filters every other week with regular hose/shower pressure.
  • Make sure you are shocking your hot tub every week.
  • When you add bromine/chlorine or perform your weekly shock, leave the cover off for 15-20 minutes. This allows contaminants to gas off.
  • If you use spa fragrances, stick with granular ones, as liquid ones mess with your pH and clog up your filters.
  • If we get warm weather at all during the winter, perform a partial drain and refill just to get some fresh water circulating in there.



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