Tips For Getting The Perfect Backyard Landscaping

Designing your backyard space and seeing your creativity come to life is truly a spectacular experience.  That being said, there are a lot of important decisions to be made.  This quick tip guide will help you along the way.  Whether you are planning the shape of your pool, which type of fencing you prefer, the hundreds of different plants to choose from, or all of the above, backyard landscaping with Aqua-Tech will help make these decisions easy, and turn your backyard into a little piece of paradise.

Begin With The End In Mind

Over the pas 40 years, we have seen many projects that, collectively, don’t make sense, look good, or even have the chance to survive.  This is the main reason Aqua-Tech went above and beyond to create a design and construction division dedicated to all things backyard.  They know and understand every aspect, and believe working WITH you is the secret to their many years of success and breathtaking finished products.

Take the first step and connect with a designer now, or look through a selection of finished projects!

Timing is Everything

Aqua-Tech specific benefits include knowing what needs to be done now and what can wait.  Consider having just invested $10,000 into a rock water feature and anticipating viewing it each evening from that special spot.  We know that in order to complete the feature the back of the anchor needs to be dressed.  For the project to be completed, it is usually a tow or 3 season window of time for the project and the time to start working on this is now.  This is just one example, of many, that proves our team works hard to be on time, every time.

waterfall landscape

In Theory Or Practice

Having a diploma and being able to tell someone that their backyard will look a certain way just isn’t enough to design and build a clients dream.  Our designers live and breathe backyard landscaping and it is truly their passion.  They work very hard, and very closely with our field installation team as well as supply a large chain of landscaping products.  This assures nothing gets past them.

Long Term Thoughts

Through time, the term ‘landscape’ has branched off into two separate categories; hardscape and softscape.  Some different elements to each are:


  • Swimming pool
  • Stone
  • Lighting


  • Plants
  • Shrubs
  • Flowers

To get a glimpse into your future, drop by our outdoor display or connect with us now to create a 3D design of your new backyard.


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