The Sweet Science Of Leak Location

Leak Location

At one time or another your probably going to find that your pool is losing water and there are a few things to keep in mind when you find this to be the case.

Step 1level

There is a simple test you can do on your own at home.  It typically can be done over a 48hr period of time.  Preferably on non windy no rain days.  It is a simple little level test that will help you determine where a plausible leak might be located.  Usually the leak would be in one of two places.  The plumbing above or below ground or the pool liner itself.  In some cases the white product in the pool could be the culprit ie the pool skimmer or return fittings.  This test is something we can easily email instructions to you to help you through this time.  Having a solar blanket is a must have tool to complete this test so if you don’t have one on your pool please let us know and we can help you through that part of it.

Step 2ptest

Once you have completed the home test communicate back with us and we will determine the best course of action to first locate the leak for you.  Depending on your home results we could recommend anything from a test of the vinyl liner to a test of the underground plumbing.  In some cases if the home test was inconclusive we may first suggest a water sensor test to help lead us in the correct direction.  These types of sensor tests are invaluable in the understanding of not only where the leak is but how the leak reacts and acts daily.  This test can measure a leak of 1/10,000 of an inch in any body of water.

Step 3leak

Now that we are onto the correct leak finding test we find the leak.  We discuss with you best recommendation whether it be repair of an underground line, patching of a vinyl liner, replacement of white product or plumbing or replacement of the vinyl liner.  Rest assured the leak will be located by our methodology and you will be back to a leak free pool in no time flat!

Also note

Aqua-Tech are the best leak finders in Canada when it comes to swimming pools.  If you trust and have the patience to follow our methodology with us we will help you through this troubling time.  We have the latest technology of listening, visual, probing and sensing devices to locate any leak out there known to poolkind.  We also have the technology to locate leaks in Hot Tubs but that’s a topic for another time.

Leak finding techniques are a great thing to use when purchasing a home with a swimming pool.  If you are in the market for a home with a swimming pool seriously consider not only a visual check of the pool but also a leak test of the pool.  Better to know before you buy we always say.




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