The No-Fail Guide To A Perfect Swimming Pool Opening

Congratulations!!! You’ve officially survived the long cold winter and you’re finally ready to wake up your pool from that long hibernation. Don’t worry… it’s not as tough as it looks! Below are some tips and tricks on what to avoid and what to do when opening your pool for the season. Remember, when all else fails, Aqua-Tech is only a call away!

At Aqua-Tech, we complete this process over the course of two days. If you have a little bit of extra time in your day, it can easily be compacted into a one day process.

Day One: of your swimming pool opening – Winter Cover Removal

  • Raise your water level UNDER the cover (We suggest doing this the night before. Simply tuck your garden hose UNDER the winter cover and fill the water as high as humanly possible as if the water on top looks like it is going to spill onto the deck)
  • Scoop the leaves & large debris off the top of the cover
  • Pump the dirty water off the cover and clean the cover with a broom brush

NOTE: If you have a large hole or tear in your cover – DO NOT try to pump the water off. You will eventually drain water from the pool and have a complete separate issue on your hands. Instead, scoop out as much debris as possible and pull the cover off as is with the dirty water on top. The water will mix but our Water Lab experts will be happy to assist you with clearing up your pool as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  •  Empty water bags
  •  Remove cover from pool (usually requires two people)
  •  Inspect cover for holes
  •  Sanitize cover with Cover Cleanse or Stow Away and fold neatly with water bags

Day Two: of your swimming pool opening – Circulation start up:

  •  Ensure water is at least ¾ up the skimmer
  •  Turn on the gas supply to the heater
  •  Remove plugs and foam rod
  •  Reinstall eyeballs, baskets, ladders, lights, & system III filter (if applicable)
  •  Install PSI gauge and backwash hose
  •  Install filter, heater, and pump plugs
  •  Reconnect PSI switch on heater
  •  Light pilot on heater
  •  Prime system and check for leaks
  •  Test fire main burner on heater & underwater light
  •  Bring in a water sample within 24-48 hours

If you follow the process above, you are guaranteed to have a no-fail, smooth, and perfect pool opening. If your pool wakes up a little grouchy and things start to go wrong, call Aqua-Tech! We are here to support you!

For more information, download our free guide – 3 common pitfalls to avoid during a pool opening


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