How an Aqua-Genie improves circulation and saves money

Everyone that has an older pool knows that when you dive down to the deep end that the temperature of the water changes. It gets colder. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dive down to the deep end and the temperature not change? If you answered yes, then an Aqua-Genie pool circulation system is the answer. If you think about it, if you can change the water temperature like that what must be happening to the circulation at the same time? Read along.

What makes up my pool circulation system

Out of sight, out of mind. The bulk of your swimming pool circulation is below ground. Your skimmer, underground plumbing lines, the main drain at the bottom of your pool, and your return fittings on the walls of your pool. When thinking about changing your pool’s vinyl liner, this is also the time to be thinking about your pool circulation system. A new Aqua-Genie pool circulation system consists of a new skimmer, new underground plumbing lines, and a manifold installed at the return wall fittings. The Aqua-Genie pool circulation system will also mean that the main drain at the bottom of your pool will no longer be required for circulation.


How can an upgraded pool circulation system save me time and money?

A new Aqua-Genie circulation system will save you time and money by making sure that your pool water is circulating in a more efficient manner. Just as there have been advancements in pool equipment, such as variable speed pool pumps, there has also been advancements with pool circulation. The Aqua-Genie pool circulation system will create 3 separate zones of circulation in your pool that will make sure to circulate all chemicals throughout the entire pool keeping your water clean and clear. It will also mean no dead spots for algae to form and less cleaning is required.

Upgraded pool circlation benefits

Every swimming season pool service tech’s hear from pool owners how difficult of a time they are having with keeping their pool water clean and clear. They believe that the chemicals they are adding to the pool are not doing their job, when in reality, it could be caused by poor pool circulation. A new Aqua-Genie pool circulation system often corrects this situation.

Mouse traps

Sometimes you can build a better mouse trap. It is not because things were bad before, it’s just that some things weren’t thought about. There is so much common sense in retrofitting your pool’s circulation system to this method and hundreds of pools later this winning way is well worth the investment. Ask for the 10 reasons to get an Aqua-Genie e-mail to learn more.


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