The Art and Science of Pool Leak Detection

When you have a pool that holds over 100,000 liters of water, finding the source of a water loss can be a daunting task. Pool leak detection is often the highest held skill of a veteran pool service technician, as it not only requires the experience and patience of a surgeon but also the analytical and forensic skills of a detective. This post will share some of the reasons that Aqua-Tech service has become the known and trusted professional in Winnipeg for pool leak detection.


The first step in any leak detection is to gather information about the potential water loss. You need to know:

How long the pool has been leaking?

How much water loss is being experienced in a 24 hour period?

Is there any particular area you suspect the loss to be coming from?

Has there been any recent construction in the yard?

After that the whole hydraulic and structural system of the pool must be established as all pools are built a little differently from one another.  The most common cause of water loss is actually evaporation. Evaporation is to pool water loss as a pain that comes and goes is to a dentist – without an x-ray a dentist can’t tell where a coming and going pain is coming from and without proper diagnostic tools and background, confirmation of pool leakage can’t be isolated.


Seeing the water level go down in a pool does not at all indicate that the pool is leaking. It may very well have a leak but with many variables at play such as splash, evaporation, air temperature, humidity, wind factor, usage through filtration and operation it is easy to be misled. Aqua-tech’s investment in leading edge evaluation and analytics allows a technician within a short period of time to electronically ascertain if a body of water is actually leaking. With a water loss sensor a technician is able to determine water loss as little as 1/10,000th of an inch. With these detailed graphs and screen images, the next steps move the process along faster.


On confirmation of leak, a systematic process developed after experience with thousands of leaking pools will move the evaluator through location of the leak. Ten different methods are potentially used in this diagnostic period for pool leak detection. The Aqua-Tech technician realizes that an evaluation cannot be half done, as often there are symptoms that represent themselves as leaks but are not and unless the process is completed it is likely that the leak will not be located or solved. It is estimated that over the last 35 years Aqua-Tech technicians have evaluated over 3500 leaks in pools.

Taking Action

If you feel you require pool leak detection, first make a call to the Aqua-Tech service advisor group to help decide on next steps. One last word is pools evaporate more than you would think, keep your solar blanket on for a 24 hour period and see if your water level changes this one step could really save you time and money. The team is always happy to field your calls. For more information about pool leak detection, or water loss concerns and more, contact Aqua-Tech or stop in and see us today!


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