Ten things you didn’t know about installing a hot tub in Winnipeg!

1. Yes, you need a building permit. Ideally you have a survey certificate with a legal description of your property.

Draw/sketch the proposed spa location and head down to the permit office.


2. The hot tub has to be 2’ from your lot line if you live inside the City of Winnipeg. In rural areas the distance requirement is often more.

Check with your local municipal office.


3. There can be no overhead wires over the hot tub. Contact the utility that owns the wires to inquire about the cost of moving the wires.



4. A hot tub does not need a fence if there is a locking cover.


5. The electrical requirement is often 60 amps and requires GFI protection.


6. The wire size is usually a #6 wire.



7. The hot tub should be installed on a proper base.

A proper base can be wood, plastic spa pads, concrete pavers or a poured concrete pad.
If it’s wood be sure it can handle the weight and if it’s pavers make sure they are flat and level.



8. Consider privacy and wind when choosing the spa location.


9. Try to locate the hot tub convenient to the access door to reduce the winter snow removal.


10. Some spa companies will offer to handle all these details plus any deck building or modification….let the pros handle the details!



Happy Hot tubbing!


980 full family and tub


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