System 3: Cleaning your filter with BioGuard

Cleaning your filter media is easier then you think! We recommend that everyone cleans their filters at least once a year. Learn how to clean your filter yourself here!

The system 3 modular media filter is designed for 3 things: Low Maintenance, Fine Particle Filtration and To Save You Money!!!

For the best results, follow the steps below:

Based on normal operation the filter element must be chemically cleaned once every year.

To clean:
A) Turn the pump off
B) Remove lid, and then remove both cartridge filters
C) Hose off debris on filters using normal garden hose pressure

DO NOT clean them at the car wash!
DO NOT use a pressure washer!

D) Fill the container with very HOT water
E) Add the filter cleaning chemical Filter Brite  (use one pouch for every 20 litres of hot water you are soaking them in – usually 4 pouches are needed)
F) Soak for 18 hours
G) Remove the filters and fully rinse with a garden hose
H) Return filters to System 3 and resume operation

Throughout the year tips:

1. If the pressure rises 10 lbs above normal operating pressure, remove the filters and hose off. There is usually no need to chemically clean throughout the year.
2. If you have an algae problem take your filters out and hose them off.
3. Remember to vacuum on waste if you are removing larger deposits of algae and debris.
4. Never use any kind of flocking agents as clarifers.
5. Check with the water lab at Aqua-Tech to find out if your Step #1 chlorine is compatible with your filter.

Service Tip!

Use a filter saver in your skimmer basket and you till improve your cycles up to 50%!

filter brite 1300x731


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