Swimming Pools Winnipeg

The Pool is open…now what do I do?  It’s so important to start your pool up the right way.  It can make for a problem free summer!  Balancing is the Key!! Once you have the pool up and running the first thing you really should do is get your pool professionally tested.  The pool needs to run for at least 12 hours before you take a sample.  This ensures that the fresh water you put in the pool mixes with the existing water.  Make sure you take your sample away from a jet and elbow depth to get a true test of the entire pool.

Swimming Pools in Winnipeg need to be tested, tested and balanced. That is the key to having a problem free pool.  Balancing the pool makes sure that the water is comfortable for you to swim, it helps the chemicals work properly, and it protects your pool from damage to the equipment and pool surfaces.  No matter what the condition the pool is; blue, cloudy, green, or black bring a sample in before you do anything.  Also, we never recommend draining a pool.  Water is part of the structure of the pool and draining could have some dire consequences.  There is no water problem we can’t fix!

We look at quite a few factors when testing your water…pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness to name a few. When you come in to the store our BioGuard Certified Watercare Specialists will walk you through everything we do and give you the proper recommendations to get your pool up to shape.  You may need to make quite a bit of adjustment on you first test.  The water that comes from you tap is not always the best water for the pool.  Even city water isn’t good for a pool.  So don’t be alarmed when you have a few kilograms to add in.  This first test of the year is always the biggest adjustment because we are adding so much new water to the pool.  After that you will have minor to no adjustments throughout the season.  We recommend that you bring a water sample in to be test a minimum once a month.  In a month’s time, with splash out, back washing, and rain can change the balance slightly and you will need to make some adjustments.


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