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Pool Opening  Now is the time!

Wow what an April we just had!  Spring came with a vengeance this year and things thawed out pretty quickly. It really is time to be thinking of your swimming pool supplies Winnipeg!  The question I always get asked at this time of year, a little bit earlier this year, is ‘when should I open my pool?’.  Well, in short, right now!!  …or as soon as the pool is thawed.  The sooner you open your pool the fewer problems you will have in the long run.  Then the next  comment I get is ‘but I’m not going to be using my pool another month or 2 and it’s costing me more money’.  And my answer to that is ‘no it won’t really cost you much more to run your pool early’.

Here are few of reasons why I say open now:

First off, opening your pool early is a great way to prevent problems in the long run. The longer you leave your pool closed the more chance you have of opening your pool with algae. Your pool is sitting there stagnant with a nice dark cover over top. Once the temperature rises above 60 degrees Fahrenheit you can start growing algae. Once algae starts growing it will over take the pool and you will take the cover off and see a big mess. That mess can be very costly to clean up and it can take a long period of time to get you pool completely clear. Last summer there were a lot of pool owners that waited until June to open their pool because the spring was so cold. They opened up to a green pool and in many cases it took over a month to get the pool completely clear. The pools that opened early had far fewer problems and were all ready to go once summer hit.

Second, it really doesn’t cost a lot extra when it comes to chemical treatment of the pool when you open. Once you have the pool balanced, which needs to be done when you open anyway, then you get on your weekly maintenance system. A system like the BioGuard’s 15 Minute Work Week gives you all you need to keep the pool looking great and you only have to go out once a week to apply. One component of this system is BioGuard Smart Sticks which takes care of your daily sanitizer. They are perfect for this time of year.  They have Smart Guard technology which slows down its release when the water is cold.  Also if you are on a timer and the pool shuts down at night they stop dissolving. This will save you money and also protect your equipment.

Lastly, you don’t want to be waiting to use your pool once the summer hits. We don’t get very long summers and if our summer is anything like last year it will come quick.  The last thing you want to have is your family staring at a green and cloudy pool when it’s crazy hot outside!  Pool companies, like Aqua-Tech, can perform miracles but it will still take time and it will definitely cost a lot of money. So my recommendation is to open up your pool as early as possible and avoid any problems that can arise.  Who knows, maybe the temperatures that we had in March weren’t just a tease and we get summer weather in May or even April…your going to want to be ready!


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