Swimming Pool Heaters Winnipeg

In these extremely hot conditions we’ve been having, usually pool heaters are the last thing on your mind. And rightfully so, however a pool heater is very important to have so that in the cooler temperatures your pool can still be used, and enjoyed.

With warm temperatures people wonder is it worth investing in a pool heater? Absolutely! You have a pool so you can use it and enjoy it. Not only will you enjoy using your pool more but it allows you to spend time with the family. And with a pool heater it keeps the pool warmer longer for you and the family to enjoy.

Everyone enjoys pool water at different temperatures. Some find pool water too hot, and some find pool water too cold, so it’s all about finding the correct balance for people, as it is for the balance for the pool itself. If a pools water is too warm water can evaporate faster, if it’s too cold, no one will want to use the pool, so there’s got to be a happy medium. Generally pool water temperatures average typically between 72ºF to 82ºF here in Winnipeg, with some exceptions. The best combination of heating your pool is to have a solar cover, and a pool heater working together, to keep the temperature constant.

There are three types of pool heaters that you can use. They are Solar, Electric and Gas. Each has their own use and advantage, but more on that later. One nice thing is that pool heaters are not limited to inground pools only, they’re also available for above ground pools too.

If a pool heater isn’t your major concern right now, don’t worry. Enjoy your pool for the time being, but once your pool gets too cold to use, then you’ll wish you had a pool heater. Don’t wait to get one!

Or if you’re a real handyman, you can go all Red/Green on it and make your own with your barbecue, some piping and duct tape. Although we don’t recommend it.


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