Swimming Pool Filters Winnipeg

The pool is opened, running and you’ve had it all balanced up. Now we need to get all those winter wastes all cleaned up. We are going to recommend adding chlorine and algaecide to get things cleaned up before we move onto our weekly maintenance.  Depending on the condition of the pool will determine how much of each we are going to recommend.

In most cases, our BioGuard Opening Kit will do the trick.  It comes with BioGuard Power Chlor , which is very strong chlorine, that will help get rid of any containments and unfilterable wastes that have built up over the winter.  The second product in the kit is our BioGuard Banish.  This is a very powerful maintenance algaecide that helps keep all types of algae at bay. This start up dosage will get your bank of algaecide going in the pool.  If your pool is very green or black and you can’t see the bottom we are going to recommend some stronger products to help get things cleaned up.  Make sure you tell your Watercare Specialist exactly what’s going on with your pool.  Maybe even take a picture with your camera or phone before you come.

Try to get any leaves or debris out of the pool that may have falling in while taking off the cover out before treating the pool.  No matter what condition the pool starts off in it might take some time before it gets completely clear. Swimming Pool Filters in Winnipeg require being cleaned once each season to catch all of the debris that is in your pool and that you will vacuum up.  Make sure to talk to you somwone in the lab to find a filter degreaser to start you off on the right foot for the year.

Remember the earlier you open your pool the quicker we can get your pool looking amazing so when summer hits you are ready for it.


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