Swimming Pool Chemicals Guide

When choosing swimming pool chemicals, you want to be sure to pick the right ones.  How do you know right from wrong?  That’s where our highly qualified and knowledgeable water lab technicians come in.  Their number one priority is to walk you through our different chemical systems and decipher which one works best for you.  All of Aqua-Tech’s chemicals incredibly effective and easy to use.  There is no need to worry about work when it comes to your swimming pool chemicals because our chemicals work for you!

Bioguard 3-Step System

Having trouble finding the time between your busy schedules to do your pool maintenance?  Not to worry!  Bioguard has an easy 3-Step Care System that just takes 30 minutes once a week!  Read below for the step by step break down.

Step number 1: Sanitize

Every pool needs to be sanitized to kill the bacteria that gets in every time it is used. In the 3-Step Care System you’ll receive a pail of Silk Smart Sticks (chlorine sticks). The advantage of the Bioguard Silk Smart Sticks is the blue coating on them. This does a few extra things along with sanitizing. It gives your water that extra softness everyone wants, it helps prevent scaling and also protects your pool from corrosion and metal staining. All of this in those little sticks!

Step number 2: Oxidize

Some might think that just because they’ve got chlorine in their pool, all is good and nothing else needs to be done. False! It is so important to shock your pool on a weekly basis. Shocking your pool is going to get rid of all the bodily waste (deodorant, hairspray, sweat, and yes, even pee) that gets into your pool every time it is used. With using Smart Shock on a weekly basis, you are going to get fantastically clear water, as well as get rid of all that waste that’s in there.

Step number 3: Algaecide

The 3rd and final step to the 30 minute work week program is to use algaecide. By adding the Banish algaecide on a weekly basis, you’re effectively helping control algae in your pool water and helping prevent your pool from ever getting green. And just like that, you’re done your weekly maintenance for the week!

Pure + Simple System

Another system we have is called Pure + Simple: It’s in the name! Pure + simple. We want your pool season to be as simple as can be. To do that, we’ll start you off with a summer maintenance kit. It has everything you’ll need!

At the beginning of the summer you’re going to want to put a box of activator in your pool, slowly through the skimmer, which will help prevent algae! Next is the summer maintenance pool kit which has your Pure + Simple purify chlorine sticks, as well as your weekly pouches of cleanse (which is what you’ll be using to oxidize). You’ll get the silky smooth feeling of a salt pool while using the Pure + Simple program. It’s so gentle you won’t even notice that there’s chlorine in there. Watch the magic happen just before your eyes!

For more information feel free to stop in or contact our water lab today!


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