Steps to ensure your pool winterizing is done correctly

A properly closed pool is a pleasure to open in the spring and will allow you to spend the off season with no worries. Read on for a list of steps to ensure your pool is winterized correctly.

Step 1 in a proper pool winterizing

When preparing for a pool closing for the season you will need to choose the right chemical balance to prevent your water from being corrosive, producing calcium deposits or stains to your pool during fall and spring by having your water checked at Aqua-Tech about a week before your closing.

Step 2 in a proper pool winterizing

Drain your pools water below the return lines so you can blow your lines out equipment side with a industrial blower or a 5 hp shop vacuum using the exhaust portion attachment.
Being sure to blow out all the water first, then the use of pool antifreeze through the lines until you can see the antifreeze spray out of the returns poolside, (having a second person helping poolside will help you from not blasting out all the residual antifreeze, you want some in the line). You will then have to utilize a foam rod inserting it into the bulkhead portion of the return fitting incase water penetrates your plug, (this method will ensure your bulkhead return fitting doesn’t crack as the foam rod doesn’t let water solidify in that area incase your plug fails) then screwing in your flat plug you will have completed this step.

Step 3 in a proper pool winterizing

Next, follow the 2nd step to your skimmer line, following that method will ensure that your line is good for winter. (If you have any water features with your pool you will want to follow step 2 as well )

Step 4 in a proper pool winterizing

Blow out and remove water from any equipment on your equipment pad, following individual manufacture directions for winterization requirements for your pump, chlorinator, ultraviolet unit, filter, heater and plumbing, if your plumbing looks like water could settle or be trapped in a section of the plumbing loosen all unions from your equipment to that portion of plumbing and empty out residual water, this will ensure your plumbing doesn’t split during the winter.

Step 5 in a proper pool winterizing

The final step would be to use your winter cover of choice and protect your investment from the harsh reality of winter, this will ensure no debris or rodents get into your pool making your pool dis-coloured from decaying leaves or algae from ultraviolet light in fall or spring.

If your still unsure about the process to safely winterize your pool, click here to book a professional pool winterizing.


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