Special Requirements for Winnipeg Pool Supplies

All Winnipeg home owners know that we are unique! Living here is special-sometimes for the good, and sometimes not so much. Our Winnipeg weather goes from 30 above in the summer to a nail biting 40 below in the winter.  This causes it to be a little challenging at times. Not only for us, but for our swimming pools too!  There are special requirements that pool owners needs to be aware of for our pool supplies here in Winnipeg.

Special Requirement 1: Distinct Seasons

Our chemicals are designed to help us through the hot summer months of 30 and above, where we will use more chlorine to keep the pool sanitized. Meaning adding more chlorine sticks or pucks in the skimmer to help us maintain a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm. This also helps our equipment, like a chlorinator that produces chlorine for our pool. In our hot months we need to help the equipment because at times our equipment will not be producing enough chlorine. In order to help it along, we needs to be adding some chlorine pucks in the skimmer. This also helps to keep our pool at the propwer 1-3 ppm.
In our winter months of temperature of -30 or lower, we have supplies to close our pool. We balance our pool and put a hibernate closing kit into the pool. These chemicals are designed to go into the pool as the water in the pool freezes over the winter months.

Special Requirement 2: Source Water

Where does the water in your pool come from? For example: City water has phosphates in the water from our surrounding agriculture. The City water is treated different than water that comes from a well, which is in the surrounding urban areas. We have many source waters in Winnipeg, and surrounding areas. Treating Phosphates in the water is important. Phosphates are food for algae. When we see a high Phosphate level, we treat the water with a phos cleanse to keep algae out.

Special Requirement 3: Pool Structure

We also have chemicals that help us protect our vinyl from staining and scaling, allowing our liners to last longer in our pool than the expected 6 years for elasticity. The Chemicals that are used in the pool water are so we are not robed in areas that can result to damage to our pool.

The requirements for Winnipeg pool supplies helps us in the areas of climate change, our water source, as well as the environment changes. Providing a quality chemical helps us spend less. Quality chemicals help aid our pool equipment to last longer so we can enjoy more time in the water.

So, Keep Calm and get Wet!


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