What Are The Safest Pool Covers?

Where to start with Pool Covers

There are a lot of options when it comes to covering your swimming pool. Each cover option for your pool usually has at least one specific use for it. Some covers are simply designed to cover the water during the non-swimming season; and other pool covers such as bubble covers, seek to keep the heat in the swimming pool during its unused hours. Some of these covers do their intended jobs okay; and yet others are better than advertised. Which is the safest pool cover?

Which option is better?

There is a lot of room for debate here and a question if you can really even compare them because of their different uses. Each one is best for a slightly different situation; automatic pool covers are designed for year round use and pin down mesh safety covers are designed to be put over your pool when it is not being used for a long period of time such as the winter months or when you are on vacation or camping for the long weekend. So in a way you are comparing apples and oranges. Not to mention, they each are an excellent safety device when covering the swimming pool.

The Safest Cover for the price point

A mesh pin down safety cover (image below) is a certified swimming pool safety cover because it uses spring tension to keep it supported very well and is almost impossible to pull in the pool. There is actually a video of an elephant walking on top of one on Youtube.

A mesh pin down safety cover accomplishes this by drilling several strategically placed brass pins (or anchors as some call them) into the surrounding pool walk deck. Once the pins are in place, the covers is then put on the pool by lining up its strategically placed straps (which are equipped with special spring loaded hooks on the ends) with its matching strategically placed pin to anchor it.

A major advantage of this cover is since it is mesh the water passes through it and it does not have to be drained. It does take some time to put on and take off the pool, so you would not put it on each day and night. That said we often put the cover on when we go camping for the weekend. Dollar for dollar the Mesh cover is a great choice. Estimates are free so it may be worth taking a closer look at this upgrade for your families pool.

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Why not treat yourself to a great look and enjoy the safety that comes



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