Residential Pool Construction in Winnipeg

Swimming pools in Winnipeg are being constructed as this blog is being written. Yes, the swimming season is over but pool construction will continue into the first week of November. Then the tools and shovels will be put away and next April we will be back at it. If you’re thinking of a pool for next year you should contact us now to get your name on the 2017 construction schedule. We can start the planning and estimating now so you don’t miss the swimming season next year. The schedule already has some slots filled so best to act soon!

Concrete pools

This pool construction picture is in the Kingston Row area. Notice this pool is constructed of concrete and  not the typical steel and vinyl. Concrete pools generally cost more but allow for real tile borders and more of the California look. Aqua-tech can build either concrete or steel and vinyl. In this case the home builder is doing the concrete work and we will do the plaster finish and pool equipment. Our pool designer consultants can advise you on either construction method for your personal backyard pool resort.


Building late in the year

You may wonder why someone would have their pool built this late in the year. One advantage is the homeowner can start their landscaping in April or May instead of waiting for the pool to be built. The first splash into the pool can be sooner with all the construction out of the way. The pool below is in Sage Creek and this picture was taken one week ago. Since the picture was taken the pool deck is on and the water is in the pool! Some landscaping in the spring and they’re ready to go!



A large part of a backyard is the hardscaping…..concrete decks and steps etc. This job required a concrete step to match the new backyard design and pool deck. No ordinary step either, as the steps were curved and demanded experienced craftsmanship on our part. That is one of the many advantages Aqua-tech can bring to the backyard as we can handle the complete job with hard and softscaping. It is  a huge advantage to the homeowner to deal with one company for a quality finish and ease of process.


I hope this blog has given you some good information on pool construction in Winnipeg. We are open year round to assist you in your very own backyard retreat! Book your free personal consult with one of our National Award winning designers!



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