Royalwood 2


Royalwood 2

Organized, clean and uniform, these words can be used to describe an operating room. Placement is key and everything has to be precise, there is no margin for error. For 2 young doctors, they needed their bathroom to be the same.

Their original bathroom was very typical builder grade. A lack-luster corner tub and shower to go along with a monstrous linen Cabinet that took up WAY too much space. Storage is important in a bathroom, but it shouldn’t be the top priority. The space didn’t work for them, they needed a change. They needed somewhere bright with clean lines and had uniformity so they could relax after a long, stressful shift.

That’s where we came in! Read below to see how we transformed this space to perfection!

More About This Project

Free Standing Deep Soaker Tub

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. This can not only be seen from the symmetry of the space but also the placement of the tub and shower. The wife wanted free standing deep soaker tub and the one chosen was immaculate. Free standing tubs bring about many challenges when it comes to placement, but our guys delivered as always. It was placed under both windows, maximizing the natural light and privacy. We also left enough separation so cleaning behind the tub was easy

Precision Tiling

Clean, uniform focal lines were a must have for this project and our guys delivered. The clean white floor tile with beautiful grey veining was continued up the wall to the base of the windows creating a symmetrical feel. The Tile was installed with surgical precision, and we took the time to match up the veining on each piece installed and the result was a masterpiece. The Husband commented how while he was in the shower that the work was so precise, he couldn’t tell where one tile ended and another began.

Natural Light

The bathroom had these 2 perfectly placed windows that allowed so much natural light and these played a big part in the design. Bright whites and shimmering silvers maximized the spaces brightness and gave the room a calming, warm feel. This warm feeling was enhanced by the heated floors throughout the room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This number will depend on a variety of factors of course but an average 5’ x 8’ Bathroom will typically be in the $23,000 to $25,000 depending on the design and product selection.

With an Aqua-Tech Bathroom renovation, the work is all completed by our highly trained Installers. The only sub trade we have on site is our Electrician and that is strictly for Insurance purposes.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with a number of Bathroom Renovation clients as a reference! They’ve all had some previous experiences with trades and had the same questions and concerns you’re probably concerned about.

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