A new bathroom done the right way is often a dream come true. But that dream can quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t careful or decide that “It’s not that hard”. Trust us, it’s not as easy as we make it look. DIY can turn out great but it also takes more time, tools, and planning than many folks have budgeted.

They moved to Winnipeg from Thompson and bought a gorgeous house that hid something horrifying in the basement. Yes, the basement housed a bathroom that the previous owner had “Finished” himself. He clearly cared about the space and spared no expense on the fixtures he installed, but he should’ve hired someone to install them. The floor was uneven, the toilet was built into the wall, not mounted, literally built INTO the wall, and the tub was so high off the ground you basically needed a step ladder to get in.

Read below to discover how we changed this space into the bathroom of their dreams, almost like a fairy tale ending for this couple. Are you stuck in someone else’s DIY nightmare? Give Aqua Tech a call and we’ll fix it all!

More About This Project

Challenging Environment

Basement bathrooms are already a difficult task as you have to deal with all the homes plumbing, heating and electrical running overhead. To make this task even more difficult our guys also had to deal with the furnace being directly behind the vanity, the main heating stack running over the shower area and a massive steel beam that ran over the doorway. We had our work cut out for us, but our guys can handle anything!

New 5 foot shower

The new 5 foot shower was installed with a bulkhead that housed the heating stack and a deep linen closet just outside. The walls were lined with a beautiful dark grey-washed tile and accented with a bright glass tile that wrapped around into the vanity area.

Custom Cabinetry

To avoid obstruction from the furnace and to maximize storage in the vanity, a bump out was created to house all the plumbing. Keeping the with the theme of obstacle avoidance and space maximization, a cleverly placed upper cabinet was installed below where the steel beam was housed. The door was custom framed to avoid contact with said beam.

Finishing Touches

The floor was finished with luxury vinyl tile and yes, the new toilet was no longer built into the wall. Just like that, the nightmare was gone and replaced by the bathroom of their dreams, almost like a fairy tale ending for this couple. Are you stuck in someone else’s DIY nightmare? Give Aqua Tech a call and we’ll fix it all!

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This number will depend on a variety of factors of course but an average 5’ x 8’ Bathroom will typically be in the $23,000 to $25,000 depending on the design and product selection.

With an Aqua-Tech Bathroom renovation, the work is all completed by our highly trained Installers. The only sub trade we have on site is our Electrician and that is strictly for Insurance purposes.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with a number of Bathroom Renovation clients as a reference! They’ve all had some previous experiences with trades and had the same questions and concerns you’re probably concerned about.

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