Linden Woods 3


Linden Woods 3

As a husband, surprising your wife is always a nice feeling. When you pick her up or she comes home to flowers or a nice dinner, it always puts a smile on her face. It doesn’t take much to make her day, but this husband wanted to do so much more. Chocolates and flowers weren’t going to cut it, he wanted to go big. He wanted to surprise her with her dream bathroom.

Yes this surprise was going to be one for the record books. They were going on a 7 week trip and the plan was to start the renovation while they were away. The husband had many of the design choices made before they left and he trusted our expertise to execute the rest. We knew he wanted us to create a relaxing tub area and make-up station for his wife and a one of a kind shower for the both of them. The space we created was sure to please them both.

Now they could feel like they were on vacation everyday without having to leave their house! Ready to surprise your spouse with a dream bathroom? Give Aqua Tech a call!

More About This Project

Gorgeous Air Massage Tub

To create the wife’s dream space, we started by installing a massive air tub. After a long days work, she could come home and soak in the tub while enjoying an air massage. A custom tub deck was installed for ease of access and a place for a glass of wine. At each end of the deck, clever open shelving was installed and a gorgeous chandelier above the tub and a TV mounted to the wall created her own personal spa.

His and Her Vanity

The tub deck flowed into the shelving of the vanity. They wanted his and hers sinks but also a designated make-up station. The his and hers sinks were placed on opposite sides of the massive vanity area and both featured ample amount of storage. To tie the two spaces together, the designated make-up station was installed.

Hi-Tech His and Her Steam Shower

This shower is by far one of the most high tech ones we have ever installed. The computerized shower system that allowed you to create your own personal shower experience. Each showering area featured heated floors, overhead rainfall fixture with 4 sprayers, 3 fully customizable body sprayers, both of which allowed you to set the water temperature, built in speakers and lighting system, and to top it all off, it was also a massive steam shower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This number will depend on a variety of factors of course but an average 5’ x 8’ Bathroom will typically be in the $23,000 to $25,000 depending on the design and product selection.

With an Aqua-Tech Bathroom renovation, the work is all completed by our highly trained Installers. The only sub trade we have on site is our Electrician and that is strictly for Insurance purposes.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with a number of Bathroom Renovation clients as a reference! They’ve all had some previous experiences with trades and had the same questions and concerns you’re probably concerned about.

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