Removal of Pseudomonas Folliculitis In a Residential Hot Tub – Easy Steps

The destruction of pseudomonas in hot tub is challenging, even for the most seasoned hot tub owner.  Like all chemistry challenges, the best solution is prevention.  Always ensure you are testing and balancing your hot tub as recommended by a hot tub water care processional. 

Keeping a chlorine or bromine level CONSISTENTLY between 3-5 ppm is always advised and don’t forget to oxidize (shock) weekly and your hot tub will always be ready for fun and relaxation whenever you are.

Hot Tub Folliculitis – 3 Easy Steps for Removal of Pseudomonas Folliculitis In A Residential Hot Tub

Removal of this bacteria is an aggressive treatment and should be done at your own risk and with the close supervision of Aqua-Tech’s Solution Centre staff. This prescription may cause deterioration of older spa surfaces and bleaching.

1.  Remove and dispose of your hot tub filter—it cannot be reused. Do the same with any bathing suits or toys that have been in the contaminated hot tub.

2.  Spray bleach onto the inside of your hot tub cover—let it sit for at least 8 hours. Rinse with clear water.

3.  Sanitize the area around your spa where the bacteria may be waiting to recontaminate the spa.

Water Treatment for Removal of Pseudomonas Folliculitis In A Residential Hot Tub

  1. Fill your spa to the highest level possible (almost to overflowing. Bacteria can get into plumbing above the water line and we must reach them with the   treatment). Ensure you have all divertors and valves set to allow circulation through all the hot tub plumbing
  2. Add 500 mls of Swirl Away to the spa water. Circulate the spa for at least 8 hrs.
  3. Add 800 grams of Chlorinated Concentrate. Circulate the spa for at least 12 hrs.
  4. Drain the spa
  5. Refill.
  6. Heat to desired temperature
  7. Bring a 1 litre spa water sample to Aqua-Tech for water balancing analysis. Let us know you have just completed the removal process for pseudomonas folliculitis.



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