Reinventing the Backyard

Summer saw some huge changes for one Winnipeg family.  When they moved into their older, but renovated, Tuxedo area home they loved everything about it… except the backyard.  The pool and its surrounding area still had a dated feel to it.  Having never owned a pool, they took the recommendations of a friend and called Aqua-Tech. Here’s how Aqua-Tech transformed their backyard into their own personal paradise! 

The Idea

“They were looking to bring the pool up to the same look, feel and comfort as their house,” explained Alan Cox, the designer on this project. “That’s one of Aqua-Tech’s specialties; re-inventing the backyard.” With 4 school age children of their own and plenty of family and friends, the family had a few features that they wanted to incorporate into their renovation, but they were also open to new ideas.  It came down to basic requirements:  safety and simplicity.  Aqua-Tech was hoping they might consider a touch of the spectacular as well.

“We started in the fall with a poolside meeting and a very rough pencil sketch of an idea.  Our yard simulation design program allowed us to replicate the entire backyard and come up with a few possible strategies.” This was a great help to the family. “We were most impressed with how well Aqua-Tech understood what we were looking for, and then put it all together as a computer image.” Design and cost were considered over the winter and come spring it was time to proceed.


The Spectacular

“We took the old classic ‘Lazy L’ shape and moved the pool to a contemporary shape that modeled and complimented the house architecture.  Installing a vinyl 16 foot Grand Staircase along the entire shallow end allowed for the installation of an automatic safety cover which opens and closes the pool at the turn of a key.”

The “spectacular” arrived in the form of a beautiful 32 foot long 3-tiered granite water feature with 5 lighted, sheer descent waterfalls.  Coupled with an array of multi-coloured underwater lights, the pool is stunning both night and day.

The patio area was redesigned to create multiple seating and entertaining areas, and poured in architectural stamped concrete to add another touch of elegance, tying together the house, the pool and an existing backyard pool cabana.

“We also moved and upgraded the pool mechanical with the latest digital intelligence to including variable drive hydraulics, and eco-friendly technology such as automation, botanical and Ultra Violet water conditioners.”

The renovation concluded with the installation of a custom design “smartmesh” safety cover.  Not only does this provide added safety in the off season, it makes for an attractive look, even when the pool is not in use.


The Results

“We really loved how Aqua-Tech tailored the renovation to the needs of our family… and then added some features to enhance our backyard enjoyment.  The renovation team was well organized and worked quickly.  The entire Aqua-Tech personnel were so easy to work with, they were truly professional.”

“We just love the layout and find it flows so well with the rest of the yard.  My son’s friend said, ‘This is the best pool I’ve ever been in!’”

The change is obvious, and the result is truly a work of art.  “We’re not re-inventing the wheel here, but we feel we are re-inventing the backyard… one pool at a time.”

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Author: Alan Cox
Alan Cox is a pool rejuvenation specialist at Aqua-Tech in Winnipeg
He specializes in vinyl lined pools and hardscapes
Alan can be reached at or 204-233-8822


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