Reasons to consider pool safety covers

Once considered to be exclusively for commercial pools, the Safety Cover has reached the scale of economy that not only is it affordable as an option on residential pools but also as a cost savings reduction feature. Truly a feature that once a pool owner has a pool safety cover they would never consider owning a pool without one. Continue reading and you will discover the key contributing factors to consider investing in a pool safety cover as well as the biggest benefits of this long lasting product.

pool safety cover truck
Truck on pool safety cover

What makes the cover safe

The unique brass anchor along with a stainless steel spring mechanism creates a tri-function. Initially the brass anchor of the pool safety cover is fit into the concrete decking in a fashion which makes it virtually impossible to become detached from the concrete pool decking. A stainless steel spring is affixed to the safety cover and attached to the brass bolt with a spring tension. This makes it impossible for anything or anyone to get under the cover. Secondly, the impeccable design of the spring creates a tension that is able to be commanded by the strap. It allows for the fabric of the safety cover to be firm much like a trampoline where a person could safely walk across the installed cover. Finally, the material used is of a density that withstands the feet of not only people and pets but that of most rodents and casual wildlife visitors.

Making spring cleanup easier

The patented mesh design of the fabric acts as a filter for the pool water. When installed, no particles or items larger than the size of the tip of a pin are able to get past the cover shield. When organic items of size are able to be eliminated from spending time in your pool water over the winter months the chance for algae growth are also eliminated. Also, as the snow begins to melt in the spring the water is filtered as it is allowed into the pool water to save you cost on the filling of your pool with a quality of water that has been pre-filtered.

Eliminating winter damage

Most pool owners view a safety cover as an insurance policy.  The number on cause of damage to a pool liner in the winter is that the vinyl shatters upon impact.  What I mean by that is if branches, patio furniture or rogue pieces of ice hit the vinyl a porous liner can crack and leak.  With a safety cover the chance of this impact is removed 100%.   Rural property owners can also enjoy the safety of keeping unwanted animals from entering the pool once the cover has been installed.

Keeping the yard looking great through the transition of seasons

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for those of us who live in the prairies. Having a safety cover on your pool will make it even more lovely. You will never again have to look at swampy water sitting in the middle of the standard winter pool cover. You will never again have a ‘tea pot” of decomposed leaves in your backyard oasis. With a safety cover all leaves and branches simply blow off of the cover and keep the look of your backyard clean and crisp – no more places for insects and debris to settle. For more information on pool safety covers, ask for a free quote, or contact us today to learn more. You will find that, like the image shown above, safety covers are great value and often go on sale!


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