Reasons To Choose Aqua-Tech For Bathroom Renovations In Winnipeg

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation in Winnipeg, coming to Aqua-Tech is a great place to start.  Our talented and client oriented designers will help you discover exactly what you are looking for.  From the initial plans, to installation, all the way to the final result, we are here every step of the way.  Let your first stop also be your last stop on the way to your dream bathroom here at Aqua-Tech.

No Hidden Costs

We understand that not all surprises are good surprises, hidden costs being one of them.  Our professionals take the time to provide you with a 100% accurate quote.  This means you pay exactly what we’ve quoted you and not a penny more.

Aqua-Tech Installers

Quality is a top priority for both Aqua-Tech and our customers.  We have a group of hard working installers who are employed by Aqua-Tech,  not sub contracted, and work only for you.  This results in the quality of workmanship and allows greater control over scheduling.


What’s a beautiful bathroom renovation if you can’t even see it?  Electricity is important, and what’s even more important is that it is done right the first time.  This is why we have been using the same, reliable,  licensed electrician for many years.

Another component to the electrical side of things are the fans that are installed.  They are top of the line and include a two-hour timer which will automatically shut off.  Proper CFM’s are calculated for the size of the room which guarantees the fan to eliminate excess moisture.


New sub floors are multi ply and screwed down (every 3”).  We want to ensure that the sub floor is a solid sub-structure to give your new tile the support it needs.  Tile vent covers are cleverly hidden within your floor tile.


Exterior walls are upgraded with new insulation and vapor barrier.  This feature helps keep the Bathroom warm and dry.  We use only Zinzer which is a prime, sealer and stain guard all in one.  This provides extra protection for your walls and a superior base for your paint.  Only Kitchen and Bath paint is used because it consists of a latex with moisture guard which makes cleaning the walls much easier.

Facts About Fixtures

  • New stops, braided hoses, ABS P-traps are installed at all fixtures
  • There is no need to turn off the water to the house with the addition of stops
  • All plugs in the bathroom are changed to GFI receptacles
  • Ground Fault Interrupter or also known as Ground Fault Indicator for use around damp areas. Protection for you and your family
  • Slide bar dimmers are automatically installed with halogen lights
  • Sometimes a dim light is all that is required, especially for guests at night

Clean Up

To help make your bathroom renovation a worry-free environment, our dedicated team of installers ensure a clean and tidy work space from beginning to end.  Drop sheets are used from the point of entry to the work area.  This protects your floors and keeps your home clean from any dust and footprints.  After each day the area is vacuumed and cleaned up and all garbage is hauled away from the job site.

Aqua-Tech supplies a list of all renovation customers from the past decade.  Available to read is our “Customer Service” Book that provides an honest look at our work

“We work in your home in the same fashion we work in ours”


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