Reasons to choose an inground hot tub

Hot tubs have been installed on the ground level, partially sunk, and in-ground. There are reasons to choose an inground hot tub and reasons not to proceed in that direction. Read more for some more information about the different types of hot tub installs and reasons to choose an inground hot tub

What are the liabilities that come with an in-ground hot tub?

Most hot tubs are installed above grade for good reason. It can be more costly to be below grade….excavation, construction precautions etc. Also, the motors at the base of the hot tub must remain dry. If the hot tub is sunk into a hole, then the ground and rain water will sit around the base of the tub. Your spa equipment will fail from being submerged in water. Construction precautions must be taken to keep the spa cavity completely dry.

Keeping the base dry involves drains and weeping tile. Drains and weeping tile that must still be effective in the winter season is not a simple task. You will need to work with a contractor such as Aqua-tech who has experience tackling this issue.

Another construction detail, especially in Winnipeg, is the expansive clay soil. Our clay soil can expand and easily push up the hot tub so it does not align with the surrounding structure. Proper piles and void form would be necessary to prevent this occurrence.

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So… when would you choose to install an inground hot tub you might ask?

Architectural design requirements

There are times that the overall architectural design calls for the hot tub to be lower. Perhaps the hot tub would restrict views if it was too high in the yard. The hot tub can look more built in if it is at deck level and not an afterthought that was added later.

Hot tub and pool combination

The hot tub may be attached to the pool and only used during the pool season. There are two types of attached spas…one that is built in as shown and one that is separate and could be above or below the pool.

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Partially inground hot tubs

This is also an option! You may just want the hot tub to appear partially inground. This can be done as shown in the picture.


One advantage to partially sunk is getting into the tub. A common misconception is the hot tub is easier to get in if it is at deck level. However this means you practically have to get in the tub by getting down on all fours. It’s easier and safer to put one hand on the edge of the tub and straddle over while entering the tub.
If you choose to install your hot tub inground, work with an experienced professional so you’re happy with the finished result for years to come.
Happy hot tubbing!!


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