Pool Supplies in Winnipeg

Today is a swimming day and aren’t we all glad the rainy season finally seems to be over.  Now is the time to check the stock of all your weekly pool care items.

When looking for pool supplies in Winnipeg, look for a few key things

  1. Quality and ease of use of products – all pool products are not created equal.  Find a pool and hot tub professional and follow their prescriptions.
  2. Availability to order – is there an on line store to shop 24/7 for pool supplies in Winnipeg?  Many of us find that our schedules do not match that of a traditional store.  Retailers who value the client care experience are getting smart about serving their clients in a virtual world so you can spend more time in the pool and less time driving to the store.
  3. Communication if you have questions – can you email or live chart with questions on product selection, application or the order itself?  Pool and hot tub supplies can be hard to shop for – there are so many choices.  It is vital to save you time and money to get great advice on what to order and when to apply it.  Make sure your pool supply store can answer this for you quickly and painlessly.
  4. Is there a guarantee?  A reputable pool supply store will offer an Algae Free Guarantee.


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