Pool Safety Cover Care Basics – Treat Your Safety Cover Right

As you look ahead to winterizing your pool this autumn, there are some things to keep in mind for getting the most out of your swimming pool safety cover. Treating your safety cover right — both through the winter and after you remove it in the spring — will help ensure that it remains strong and usable for many years to come.

Pool Safety Cover Care – Wintertime
  • It’s important for the longevity of your pool safety cover that you take care of it all winter long. The notion of “set it and forget it” will lead to you needing to replace the cover much more frequently. To extend the life of your cover and save money, take these steps:
  • Clean the anchor sleeves before installation. Use a can of compressed air to remove dirt and debris from anchor sleeves before you install your safety cover. You should also lubricate the threads with spray silicone or WD-40 before you install the cover and after you remove it.
  • Ensure the cover stays taut and aligned. Check the cover periodically to make sure it is properly aligned and that the springs are providing the right amount of tension. You want it tight enough that wind and debris can’t get under it, but with a degree of flexibility so that accumulations of snow don’t stress it. Adjust strap lengths as appropriate.
  • Clean the cover as needed. Use a blower or broom to gently remove leaves, dirt and other debris from the cover whenever you notice it accumulating. For stuck-on debris, use a soft scrub brush and water.
  • Maintain the proper water level. Be sure that the water level in your pool remains 15-18 inches below the level of the cover so that it can support the cover when snow accumulates.
  • Refrain from walking on the cover. While a safety cover will bear your weight, it’s best not to make it do so except in emergencies or if a maintenance task requires that you walk on it.

pool safety cover care
Pool Safety Cover Care – Springtime

When spring arrives and you’re ready to open your pool, taking the time to properly care for the safety cover will help ensure it’s in good shape when you go to reinstall it in the fall. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Remove leaves and other debris. Before removing the cover, blow or brush off leaves and other debris.
  • Carefully remove the cover. When you’re eager to get your pool ready for swimmers, it’s tempting to just rip the cover off and throw it aside so you can start the pool opening process.  Take your time releasing each restraint, inspecting components as you go.
  • Clean the cover. Spread the cover out on a grassy area that won’t abrade it and use water and soft brushes to remove stuck-on dirt, any mold that may have grown on it, etc. You can use BioGuard Stow Away or Dazzle Cover Cleanse – gentle cleaning agents made for just this purpose if needed.
  • Let it dry. Give the cover plenty of time (over multiple days if needed) to dry on both sides. Or, even better, put BioGuard Stow Away or Dazzle Cover Cleanse onto the cover and leave it damp and store it as-is.  The products have agents in them to keep the cover soft, supple and mildew-free. Plus they help keep away rodents who might want to make a home in your cover over the summer season.
  • Bundle it for storage. Roll or fold the cover as appropriate for the space in which you’ll store it.  Many folks find a plastic storage bin an ideal place to store their safety cover.

When it’s Time for a Replacement

When replacing your safety cover, it is, of course, important that you get the right size. Just call your friends at Aqua-Tech and we can custom order a new cover fabric to match your existing deck anchors so no further installation is necessary. Learn more here.

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