Pool Maintenance Winnipeg

Whew – I finally got the pool clean after that windy day!  Times like this, I really want the best pool maintenance in Winnipeg to make it easier.

Pool maintenance can mean a couple of different things.

For most of us it means hiring a pool professional to take care of the items that we simply have no time left in the day to address.

Pool cleaning (just like mowing the lawn or dusting the house) is a time consuming job that most of us put off because there are always more pressing things that take our time.  The number one mistake most pool owners make is they think that hiring the best pool maintenance in Winnipeg is admitting defeat – the pool has won – I cannot do this myself.  WRONG!

Engaging a pool professional to help you work smarter not harder will not just save you time, but you will use less chemicals and have a healthier and more comfortable pool because it will be cared for on a schedule.

Pool mechanical systems – pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators (salt or otherwise) can be the bane of my existence.  Every weekend, something new is giving me a rough time.  I will spend hours of my family time (or golf time – hahaha) cursing over top of something that I have no idea why it is not performing the way that it should.  When you hire the best pool maintenance in Winnipeg, you reclaim this quality time to increase your swim time! The pool equipment will run more smoothly and last longer because these small weekly care issues will be addressed on a schedule.

A pool maintenance professional will perform a series of steps at each visit.  Things like inspection and adjustments as required to water quality; rinsing/backwashing of filter media as required, cleaning baskets, vacuuming, testing of water; and water balance and application of required products to ensure a safe, sparkling and algae-free pool.  The best pool maintenance in Winnipeg should include detailed forms filled out by a technician. Any pool issues should be brought to your attention and any issues taken care of so that all you have to do is SWIM!!!

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, good on ya!  Look for an upcoming blog on weekly steps to a safe, sparkling and algae-free pool.


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